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Mortgage Documentation

For Informational Purposes Only

This is a summary of the documentation you will need to provide after you have received your Loan Estimate.  You'll be able to upload many of these documents to our secure loan center once you've decided to move forward.


Identification for all Borrowers: State ID, Driver's License, Passport, ect.

Social Security Card (FHA Loans Only)



Pay stubs from the past 30 days

W2/1099 statements from the past 2 years

Federal Tax Returns (inlcuding all schedules and K-1 statements) from the past two years


Assets & Liabilities

Statements for all Checking, Savings, Investment and Retirement Accounts for the most recent and consecutive 60 days.

Liability Summary for all outstanding debts: Car Loans, Credit Cards, Student Loans, Child Support, etc.

Letter of explanation for any recent credit inquiries or derogatory items.

Divorce Decree, if applicable.



HUD-1 or Closing Disclosure from any recent sale of property

List of all other persons that are on the Title that are not on the mortgage application.

Trust Documents if the property is held in trust.

Condo/Townhome Association information and by-laws.

Homeowners Insurance Information


Purchase Only

Sales Contract for the new property and, if applicable, the property you are selling.

Your real estate agent and attorney names and contact information.

Seller's real estate agent and attorney names and contact information.

Homeowner's insurance agent name and contact information.


Refinance Only

All current mortgage statements showing the financial institution's name, your account number and phone number.

Copy of your current note.

Your most recent property tax bill.

Homeowner's Insurance Decleration Page showing current coverage and your agent's name and phone number.

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